Blooming Success: Plant-Powered Subscription Box Thrives in New Online Oasis

Cultivating Growth: Transforming a Subscription Box into a Thriving eCommerce Empire

Release Date

August 28, 2023




GP Subscription Box


eCommerce Dev · Marketing Management · Design
01. The Challenge

A plant marketing agency faced the task of helping a subscription box company with box partners navigate the challenges of creating exclusive products, managing overflow inventory, and establishing an independent eCommerce presence.

02. The Solution

The agency developed a strategic roadmap and built a robust Shopify store with engaging content to direct traffic and attract potential subscribers. They implemented several key initiatives:

  • Introduced customer accounts to enhance user experience
  • Ignited wholesale offerings to expand revenue streams
  • Designed new exclusive products to differentiate the brand
  • Created a digital platform for new, digital memberships
03. The Result

The company achieved remarkable seven-figure sales in the first year, with sales pouring in daily. The new subscription service laid the foundation for a seamless migration from the subscription marketplace, ultimately reducing extra fees and fostering long-term growth in their thriving online oasis.

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