Botanical Brilliance: Nurturing Online Growth for a Thriving Apothecary

A plant-based apothecary company blossomed online, with email revenue growing to 35-40%, thanks to strategic nurturing.

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August 28, 2023




Apothecary Company


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01. The Challenge

A plant-based apothecary company with multiple brick-and-mortar locations sought to expand its online presence. The company needed more robust ads, a new white-label brand, a revamped website, and a migration to Klaviyo to enhance its digital marketing efforts.

02. The Solution

A plant-based marketing agency developed a comprehensive digital strategy to address the apothecary company's challenges:

  • Formulated a complete digital strategy tailored to the company's goals
  • Designed a new website and created engaging social media assets
  • Set up Klaviyo flows to optimize email marketing campaigns
  • Created a monthly content calendar and strategy to ensure consistent and targeted messaging
  • Implemented a 5-figure ad spend with fresh, compelling content
  • Executed a website redesign to improve user experience and conversion rates
03. The Result

Through the agency's strategic initiatives and expertise, the apothecary company experienced a significant increase in email-generated revenue, reaching an impressive 35-40% of total revenue. The successful implementation of Klaviyo flows, targeted ad campaigns, and a refreshed website contributed to the company's enhanced online presence and improved digital marketing performance.

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