Planting Seeds of Justice: Podcast Sprouts to 1 Million Listens"

A victim's advocate blossomed in podcasting, cultivating a justice-seeking community and reaching 1M listens in 6 months with Avant-Garden Agency's strategies.

Release Date

August 28, 2023




WoW Podcast


Brand Build · Website · Omnichannel
01. The Challenge

A media personality and victim's advocate seeks a marketing strategy to launch a new podcast focused on fighting for justice and raising awareness about important issues.

02. The Solution

A cruelty-free marketing agency developed a comprehensive strategy to support the launch and growth of the podcast:

  • Designed new assets, including podcast cover art and social media graphics, incorporating natural and plant-inspired elements to reflect the agency's focus
  • Created a brand style guide to ensure consistency across all marketing materials
  • Launched a Patreon to build a community of dedicated supporters and provide exclusive content
  • Implemented an email marketing campaign to keep listeners engaged and informed about new episodes and initiatives
  • Secured podcast sponsorships from eco-friendly and plant-based brands aligned with the media personality's values
03. The Result

Through the Avant-Garden's strategic efforts, the podcast achieved remarkable success, reaching 1 million listens within the first six months. The podcast's growth not only raised awareness about important issues but also fostered a strong community of supporters dedicated to fighting for justice.

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